Line Syverinsen

Line Syverinsen

Line Syverinsen is an artist and illustrator.

She draws and paints, and also experiments with music and writing. 

Currently based in Bergen, Norway at Myte Illustrations. She runs a shop and co-runs a gallery allows her to connect with people from around the world through her art, which for her the most rewarding experience. It also enables her to collaborate with other artists, arrange drawing nights or occasional workshops and develop her creativity. 

Her art is informed by a love for nature, music and stories. The undertones of magic and fairytales in much of her work undeniably draws inspiration from the folklore and cultural heritage of Scandinavia. This inspiration is often sparked on long walks and hikes in foggy forests.  

She is fascinated by the meeting points between seemingly opposites, contrasts and contradictions in existence, both on an inner and an outer level.  Her work is often fused by emotion, humor or a deeper inquiry. All is not as it seems, and that is something she likes to reflect in her art.