You Hoo Scandihoo!


Welcome one and all to Scandihoo—our cozy, Nordic hygge (we say “hooga”) home shop newly situated in the hygge village of Stockholm, Wisconsin. 

With backgrounds in event planning, plus film, television, and commercial production, local artists and residents Kristin Smith Procter and Tracy Tabery-Weller have mixed world experience with their Nordic roots in the creation of SCANDIHOO—a boutique adventure offering, “Nordic Style With a Kick.”

Tracy hails from the Minneapolis area and music + video creation are in her Nordic DNA. With a passion for both clogs and cuckoo clocks, her own brand of stylish footwear, Cuckoo Clogs is sold exclusively at Scandihoo! Tracy also often assumes the role of Scandihoo deejay and creates store soundtracks.  Enjoy some of her Scandihoo store playlists: Sweet Scandi and Midsommar.

Kristin swam upriver a few decades ago from LaCrosse, WI landing in Red Wing, Prescott then Stockholm sporting a knack for hospitality combined with her artistic talents and love of textiles, color, & design. She’s also been helping area businesses serve their customers with a wink and a smile since 2007 and now brings her enthusiastic service skills to Scandihoo! 

“We fell in love with the culture and design aesthetic of our Scandihoovian roots and styled our Stockholm Village lives and homes in that light,” says the Scandihoo Two. “Blending traditional Nordic, then adding a fresh, modern twist rocks us! So when Ingebretsen’s decided to give full-time focus to their Minneapolis location, we seized the chance to collaborate and create our own shop & brand of Nordic pop and kick! “

With Tracy leading the search, both owners enjoy sourcing and working on developing private label goods. And as you’ll see in the clip below, Kristin spouts, “And we’re just getting started!”

Pop in soon and shop Scandihoo’s style - we can’t wait to see you!    

Official Ribbon Cutting 

On June 24, 2021 Kristin & Tracy hosted the first annual Scandihootenany for Midsommar and worked a ribbon cutting ceremony into the festivities complete with our Stockholm Village President, Harley Cochran.  We're so excited to be part of the Stockholm community and to share our love of hospitality & modern nordic goods with each guest who visits us.